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In May 2021, Grayson McKinney and Zach Rondot released a book for educators called The Expert Effect, dedicated to providing students with deep and meaningful learning experiences. Since then, teachers around the world have found inspiration and ideas to help engage learners in an unforgettable way. In May 2022, The Expert Expedition was released to share the spirit of their message directly to students to get them fired up about going on an epic learning expedition.

The Expert Effect

The Expert Effect lays out our three-part system to break down the walls of your classroom and connect your students to the world. Within its pages you will learn how to:


  1. Learn from experts outside the classroom

  2. Become experts through Project-Based Learning

  3. Teach as experts to authentic audiences

ExpertEffect Book.png

The expert expedition

The Expert Expedition is a picture book for teachers to use as a classroom companion. This picture book continues that mission by providing a classroom companion to help bring the Expert Effect system directly to the people who make it all worthwhile: the children.

This imaginative story of learning adventure combines beautifully articulated verse with bright, vibrant, and whimsical illustrations. The Expert Expedition is bound to capture the hearts of educators everywhere and the imaginations of learners of all ages.

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If you are interested in a bulk order of 10+ copies, please reach out and we can connect you with the publisher for a 20% off bulk order discount!

Verified Amazon Review

“Grayson and Zach do an amazing job inspiring educators to get out of their comfort zone and bring a PBL approach to our students. You will no longer fear bringing those lessons to life as Grayson and Zach do an amazing job breaking down the process into three simple steps. Grab your copy today to reignite that fire you once had when entering education."

Verified Amazon Review

"This book quickly became a book I would recommend and even read again myself. The encouragement and ideas in this book are enough to spark original excitement in young and beginning teachers, as well as rekindle a fire in veteran teachers that perhaps has dwindled over time. I especially found encouragement knowing that I don’t have to be the know-it-all expert in the room. I found that this book challenged me and encouraged me! Check it out!"

Verified Amazon Review

"As an educator who has hands in K-12, Adult/CTE, and Higher Education, the strategies discussed transcend grade levels and content. This book essentially provides opportunities for educators to get experts from around the world to meet with students and share their expertise and wisdom. Ultimately, this creates agency, empowerment, and excitement among students! Through their examples provided throughout the book, you have an easy-to-use roadmap to make this happen within your classroom and school."

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